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M.A./Sixth-Year Program Overview

The program requires a minimum of 75 semester hours of graduate coursework including practica and internship; however, the master’s degree is awarded after 30 semester hours of coursework. The sixth-year diploma is awarded after completion of the remaining 36 semester hours of coursework including the practica and internship. The program is designed so that students can complete all master’s/sixth-year program requirements in 3 years of full-time graduate study. It is a policy of the program that all of the course requirements, seminars, and other learning experiences are restricted exclusively to graduate students. Program requirements exclude credit for undergraduate study, study that is remedial, or study which is designed to remove deficiencies in meeting admission standards.

The master’s/sixth-year program is designed to involve students in a systematic and reasoned sequential plan of study in order to orient students to the professional practice of school psychology. The program begins with foundation courses in psychology and education. Subsequently, students enroll in skill-related assessment courses, which involve a practice component, and as such they are introduced early in their programs to the application of theory to practice. Intervention coursework, together with supervised practica, follows the assessment sequence. The culminating professional experience occurs during the third year when students are involved in a supervised internship in school psychology.

Procedures used to assess student progress were designed and selected on the bases that they possessed both acceptable face validity and utility, and that they addressed the program’s philosophy, institutional requirements, and desired student outcomes. Further, selection of assessment procedures was influenced by the need to have continuous monitoring of students’ progress that incorporated different methods, varied data sources, and different environments.


Sixth-Year Gainful Employment Disclosure