Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications reviewed?

The application deadline is December 1st.  Program faculty will begin reviewing applications in January, with the expectation that an interview opportunity will be offered to viable candidates.  Generally, these interviews are scheduled during February, and faculty attempt to make recommendations regarding admission shortly thereafter.

What components must be included in the personal statement?

The program does not require any information above and beyond what is listed on the grad school’s website (See Personal Statement of Purpose at

With that said, other topics a doctoral applicant might consider addressing in the statements include his/her preferred advisor, research interests, and reasons for pursuing a PhD as opposed to a MA/6th-Year.

How can I find out if my application is complete?

For information about checking the status of your application, visit the Graduate School Admissions page. You can also log in to your online application. Items marked with a green X have been submitted, items marked with a red check mark are missing.

Do I need to include GRE scores in my application?*

Yes, all applicants to the School Psychology program are required to submit GRE scores along with their application. The GRE scores should be included in the packet of materials sent to the graduate school.

*(Updated as of 09/10/2021) GREs are required this application year for all applicants.


Do I need GRE Subject test scores in order to apply?

GRE subject test scores are not required for the school psychology program, but can be sent as supplemental information included in the packet sent to the graduate school.

Do I need to be have a specific major (e.g. psychology, education) in order to apply for the school psychology program?

No, there is not a specific major requirement in order to apply for the program. All majors are welcome to apply, although a background in psychology or education and associated related experiences can be beneficial

Will I be required to take courses in the summer as part of this program?

Students are not required to take summer courses in order to complete the requirements of the full time program in school psychology. For more information on the suggested timeline of courses, please see the ‘Plan of Study’ section.

What types of funding options are available?

There are Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, and other forms of Aid available to graduate students.   The application process for funding can be started upon acceptance. Please see our Financing Page and the Graduate School’s Financing Page for more details.

What is it like to be a graduate student at UCONN?

Check out our program video or virtual tour to get a glimpse of our program and some of our experiences. Questions about student life are best addressed by the Graduate School’s Website.

Further information can be found under the “Prospective Students” tab, or you can download the School Psychology Brochure.