We understand that finding financial support is a crucial part of your graduate career. Apart from the funding you may find through the Graduate School Funding Opportunities, the Neag School Scholarships, or individual departments and programs, we also strongly encourage you to seek out external funding resources. As new funding/scholarship opportunities become available, we communicate this information to all students via our program listserv.


For the additional financing information please visit the Graduate School page. Under the Financing tab you will find information on Tuition and Fees, Fellowships and Awards, Graduate Assistantships, Loans, External Funding, and Graduate Financial Aid.


Below is a list of Potential Funding (some may vary by year):


Recruitment: Multi-year funding


Other funding:


Internship Funding:

  • Provost Professional Internships
    • Tuition remission
    • Health insurance
  • Dean Irizarry Internships 
    • Numerous districts in CT agreed to pay $10K stipend to intern
  • Independent Paid Internships
    • A few school districts across the country have NASP- aligned internship experiences & pay stipends
  • APPIC Internships (PhD Only)
    • Pay & benefits depend on geographic location
  • APPIC-Aligned (PhD Only)
    • Numerous agencies in CT and other states have APPIC- aligned internship experiences & pay competitively
  • Volunteer Internships
    • Students can choose to volunteer in a school.

Loan Forgiveness:

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
    • Government & non-profit jobs
    • After 10 years of payments, remaining federal loan balance forgiven
    • Income-based payment plan
      • Can be $0 on internship & post-doc
  • Higher Education Opportunity Act, Areas of National Need
    • Mental health professionals serving children & adolescents
    • Up to $10,000 forgiven during 5 years of service
  • Other more specific programs